Tancament de Sant Jordi confinat

Acabem aquesta setmana de poesia, prosa i discursos amb una última entrega de poesies i escrits de l’alumnat. Us agraïm molt la vostra participació. Ha estat un plaer llegir-vos i rellegir-vos. No deixeu mai de llegir ni d’escriure, feu volar la imaginació!

Cuidem-vos. Cuidem-nos.

Àmbit lingüístic.


 La tortuga

La tortuga es mi amiga y

también mi enemiga,

caza medusas en el mar

y cuando no te la esperas zas

otra vez aquí está.

Cuando tiene miedo entre los

corales se esconde,

no la ves ni te responde.

Nada a braza como las ranas

porque a ella le da la gana.

Vive muchos años casi todos en el

mar, menos cuando va a la playa

A desovar.

Su mejor amigo, el pez payaso,

canta sin parar, como no hablan

el mismo idioma no se pueden


Inés Malaret, 1rC

The story of Sandra

Once upon a time, a girl called Sandra was walking through a dark forest which was near her house. She got lost but, luckily, she found a married couple and asked them the following:

-Excuse me, can you tell me, where am I?

-Of course, they replied. You’re up north on the way to a very old and haunted shop.

Sandra was thinking about what to I do in the middle of the forest. Why would I go to an old shop?

The married couple asked the girl:

-Why are you alone in a forest? How old are you?

-Look, she replied, I was going to buy some strawberries for my mother, who is ill, and I don’t know what I did, when I entered this forest. I am 10 years old.

The couple thought about it and, they decided to accommodate the girl for a few days at home where she could eat something and recover. The girl thanked those people a thousand times and said:

-Could you lend me your phone? I just need to notify my mom that I am fine and that in a few days I will return home.

They agreed and when the girl who had just spoken to her mum, returned the phone to them, the couple asked her:

-Can we know what your mother told you?

-She told me to be careful and not to trust you because I had just met you and I don’t know how good you are.

After a few days, the couple took the girl to her home again. Her mother was worried and ran to hug her little daughter. The girl was excited that finally she could hug and see her mother. She promised not to leave her anymore.

Floral games


the first month of the year

when I have everything clear.

In February do not waste your time,

because it is the shortest month,

and carnival is back.

In March spring begins

and flowers start to bloom.

April and May

have a lot of rainy days.

In June, school is over

and summer is closer.

In July and August be careful with the sun

because it really burns.

In September say goodbye to the swimming pool

and say hello to the high school.

In October and November autumn comes,

Halloween arrives and leaves fall.

And finally, December, the last month of the year,

when Santa comes to town,

and brings presents to everyone.



Spring has arrived, and the cold has finally gone.

Everything is colourful and I am happier.

The sun shines more and the green trees are filled with flowers.

People can wear short sleeves and the cold has finally gone.

Happy animals have already wintered and now they can go out.

The sea water is cool here and you can finally go to the beach.

After spring, summer comes, and we will have to wait for another year.



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