I abans de l’arribada final us convidem a llegir aquests magnífics relats en anglès i sentir com els alumnes reciten poemes de Pablo Neruda acompanyant les imatges. Tota una experiència literària!

Recordeu que al bloc de la biblioteca teniu diverses recomanacions de llibres per aquests dies de confinament, històries que us permetran viatjar i posar-vos en la pell dels personatges durant unes hores. La lectura és vida!


Àmbit lingüístic


Once upon a time, the first day of high school …

A girl named Ashley but her friends called her Ash.  You could say that she looks like a star, simply because she is rich and always gets what she wants.  He has gone to the best theater classes, the best piano, singing and dance classes.  People think “with as little life as I have had time to study and be the best at all of that?”.

After a year Ash wanted to change high school because he wanted to change, when he was a rock he was kind, he did not care about money and had real friends, not like those of now who are only with her because he can get them to go to the best parties… But behind that horrible mask is a good person with feelings.

All this started because his best friend of a lifetime stopped being so because of everything that had changed.  She promised him that he would change schools for a year or two and would come back for him and demonstrate everything that had changed.




The rose of a new friendship


Laura had joined our class this year, she came from another institute in Cerdanyola.

She was a very shy girl, she didn’t like joining us very much, I suppose it must be because she didn’t know us.

One day, in the natural science class, we were talking about flowering, the types of flowers, germination, etc., and she came out of her ashes, gave us a florist class to use, the type of roses there were, When they had to be planted, the flowering time, the flower producing countries and many other things, we were surprised by such a description.

There were colleagues who laughed, others seemed to be the most surprising and I thought it was great.

I approached her to start a conversation and to know her more, with the excuse of flowers, plants and others, I asked her about a plant that we have at home.

My mother is in love with rose bushes and especially with red roses, but poor woman, the one she has at home only gives her 1 or two roses throughout the year and who cares for them, waters them, pays them, pampers them, “well He loves them, but there is no way they can give him more roses. I wanted to ask Laura if we could do something to give us more flowers and start talking to her, but the truth is that she didn’t. It was very funny and I didn’t paid close attention, almost gave me lengths.

From that day on, I started to say hello to her every day and tried to get her to join our patio group, it’s hard to make friends when you’re new.

As the year passed, Laura became friends with us and we got to know her, she lived near me and many of us went to school together tomorrow, we became friends.

On Sant Jordi day, he gave me an envelope, some rose seeds, he surprised me, but I was excited. !!!!

A few months ago I planted the seeds, I gave the first rose to Laura as a sign of our friendship.


PAU ORTÍ, 1r de Batxillerat


The hidden happiness


In the beginning of time, before humanity inhabited the Earth, the different gods met in order to prepare the creation of the human being, in his image and likeness. However, one of them realized that if they made them exactly the same as them, they would actually be creating new gods, so they should take something from him in such a way that he would differentiate himself from them. After thinking it over carefully, another of those present proposed to take away their happiness and hide it in a place where they could never find it.

Another of them proposed to hide it in the highest mountain, but they realized that by having strength, humanity could go up and find it. Another proposed that they hide it under the sea, but since humanity would possess curiosity, it could build something to reach the deep sea and find it. A third proposed to bring happiness to a distant planet, but others concluded that since the human being will have intelligence, he will be able to build spaceships that can reach it.


The last of the gods, who had remained silent until then, took the floor to indicate that he knew a place where they would not find it: he proposed that they hide happiness within the human being, so that he would be so busy looking outside that I would never find her. Everyone agreed with it, so they did. This is the reason why the human being spends his life looking for happiness, without knowing that he is actually in himself. ”





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