Students are often against using English in class (specially in Technology classes!).

They think of language as an annoyance instead of a tool they can master and manage to its everyday life.

English is all around us, everywhere! In my opinion, instead of arguing, nagging, complaining and finding fault it would be wiser for them to be open-minded.

So, if you are learning anything (all of us are, or at least shoud be…) try this new approach.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes (failure is not trying). Take a deep breath and SPEAK ENGLISH!!!

Give it a try and you’ll see it isn’t as bad as it seemed.

Keep on trying and you’ll even have fun!

Practice makes better, so let’s start speaking English! Instead of asking why in English, go and ask yourself: why not?

keep calm-institutalzina


Mireia Cebrián

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