El Collell. Segon dia

Desprès d’una nit de son reparador…

Què podem fer?

Anem a passejar en cavall? A la piscina?

I la súperdiscofashion?

Estigueu atents, que anirem afegint fotografies… 🙂


El Collell. Primer dia

Ja hem arribat a la zona dels volcans. Fa un dia molt agradable.

Aquí teniu les fotografies.


The tangram is finished!!!

Students of first of ESO have reached their goal. Some of the tangrams are really well done.

We’re ready to play.

Good job! Congratulations!

Take a look at the pictures.






Ignite your passion

Aquí teniu unes imatges del projecte “Ignite your passion” que es va dur a terme el mes passat al nostre institut. Aprofitem l’ocasió per agrair la participació als quatre voluntaris (Ibrahim, Lorena, Marina i Karan), als alumnes voluntaris de primer de Batxillerat i també a les famílies que van acollir els voluntaris a casa.

Anna Jané, responsable del projecte.

Why not?

Students are often against using English in class (specially in Technology classes!).They think of language as an annoyance instead of a tool they can master and manage to its everyday life.English is all around us, everywhere! In my opinion, instead of arguing, nagging, complaining and finding fault it would be wiser for them to be open-minded.

So, if you are learning anything (all of us are, or at least shoud be…) try this new approach.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes (failure is not trying). Take a deep breath and SPEAK ENGLISH!!!

Give it a try and you’ll see it isn’t as bad as it seemed.

Keep on trying and you’ll even have fun!

Practice makes better, so let’s start speaking English! Instead of asking why in English, go and ask yourself: why not?

Find someone who…

Students of 1st of ESO have been asking questions in English to each other. Their names, their hobbies… and so on.

Now, they know a lot about each other.

They are very brave and they speak very good English!



Look at the pictures! 🙂

El Collell 2016!!!

Ja els teniu a casa altre cop i segur que els vostres fills i filles us hauran explicat que aquests tres dies s’ho han passat d’allò més bé. Han conegut els volcans (els han trepitjat), han explorat la zona, han parlat del temps en anglès, han muntat a cavall, s’han remullat a la piscina, han fet partits de ping pong i de badminton, han parat i desparat taula… La llista seria interminable!

La connexió a internet ens fallava i per això no vam poder publicar les fotografies dia a dia. Aquí les teniu (i també alguns vídeos de la superdiscofashion del Collell, al claustre, amb efectes, jocs de llums i un so excel·lent! ).

I si voleu penjar fotos a l’àlbum per compartir-les amb tothom, seran benvingudes!


Learning the name of tools in English

What’s a hammer?

And a saw?

How can we learn the name of tools by heart and have a good time at the same time?

Let’s play memory game!

Let’s make a Christmas Present!

Students of first of eso have been facing a challenge. I’ve asked them to do a useful object (on their own and with recicled materials).

They have been carefully following the steps of Technological Process.

Here you have the results of their work.

Let’s make a poster!

Steps in the Technological Process:

Students of first of eso have been learning the steps of any technological process. They have chosen an object and they have followed the steps from the necessity till the solution.

They have made beautiful posters full of pictures. Now the steps are absolutely clear for all of us!

And after finishing the poster, they have explained their experience to the rest of their classmates. Thank you for listening! Well done!

If you want to take a look at the pictures…

And here’s the link to the videos. I hope you enjoy them!

Alzina’s Youtube Channel (Let’s make a poster playlist)