Programa pilot d’Èxit d’anglès

Aquests curs participem com a centre al programa pilot d’Èxit d’anglès.

El programa va ser presentat en una roda de premsa a l’Institut.

El programa va ser presentat ahir a l’Institut l’Alzina per Laia Ortiz,  tinenta d’alcaldia de Drets Socials i vicepresidenta del Consorci d’Educació;  Carmen Andrés, consellera d’Infància, Joventut i Gent Gran de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona i José Antonio Martín, director d’Acció Educativa del Consorci d’Educació

Enllaç a les notícies.

Let’s make a poster!

Steps in the Technological Process:

Students of first of eso have been learning the steps of any technological process. They have chosen an object and they have followed the steps from the necessity till the solution.

They have made beautiful posters full of pictures. Now the steps are absolutely clear for all of us!

And after finishing the poster, they have explained their experience to the rest of their classmates. Thank you for listening! Well done!

If you want to take a look at the pictures…

And here’s the link to the videos. I hope you enjoy them!

Alzina’s Youtube Channel (Let’s make a poster playlist)



Let’s make a Christmas Present!

Students of first of eso faced a challenge during last month (december).
They were given two basic conditions: They were told to make a present (a useful object) out of recicled materials.
They thought about it, they looked for information, they made up their minds and get down to work! They followed the steps in the technological process and here they are their amazing designs.
Enjoy the pictures!




SiobhanHi! My name is Siobhan Henry and I am here in L ́Alzina this year working as an English Language Assistant.
I am from Ireland and I study English literature and Spanish at Queen ́s University in Belfast.
I chose to spend my Erasmus in Barcelona because I think this is an amazing city and I have always wanted to live here. I am so happy to be a part of L`Alzina this year!